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283 Fuel Injection Chevrolet Display Engine

This is a picture of the 283 FI display engine when I got it.

This is the engine on the engine stand.

The engine was on the Dina Shore ( see the U.S.A. in a Chevrolet) show in 1957 and was given to my old High school Don Bosco Tech as a donation in 1958. The engine has set ther untouched for 50 years and I picked it up in September to restore it. Here is some of the info on the restoral.


Side View of the Engine
You can see the Engine is a Cutaway so you can see the crank, pistons,valves and a lot of the other parts.
Fuel injection cut away
A look inside the Fuel injector.
Side view of rods and pan.
The sideof the block is cut out and the pan is clear plastic.
The Crank is Chrome as are all the connecting rods.

Display engine
The is the area where i got the engine.