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My Top Alcohol Dragster

This is the recreation of the Conroy Brothers Top Alocohol Dragster. I started with only the mag body and recreated the complete car. Hope you like it.

I was a crew member on the car for almost 10 years. During that time we won the NHRA Hartland Nationals at Topekia,Pacific Division 7 and the Bakersfield points meet.

The car was owned by Russ and his brother Doc. klThe crew consisted of Dale,Theron,Greg, Michael, Dianne,Lee Ann and myself.

Most of theparts on the car are non fuctioning parts but they are real parts used on racecars.

I had a lot of help in building the car. Many thanks to Centerline, MSD, Stelletto, Diest, Perma-Cool, George Sitgo and Bobby Hansen.

The car is 282" long

The car took 2 1/2 years to build. Most of the time I was looking for parts.

The car is so long and the trailer I have is much shorter I built the car in two pieces. It makes it easier to move and easier to put in my den.