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Wind Tunnel Model

WIND TUNNEL MODEL HISTORY The wind tunnel model was built in 1989-1990 by the Truesports Indy Racing Team of Hilliard Ohio. It is based on a 1990 Lola Indy car. It was built in their shop under the leadership of Jeff Eischen and Don Holliday . The Original purpose of the model was research to test and build an all American designed and built Indy car. They also built a moving ground plane that would be used in the wind tunnel tests. The wind tunnel used was the 7X10 closed circuit wind tunnel owned by North American/Rockwell located at the Port Columbus Airport in Ohio. Many different configurations of the car were tested in the tunnel in order to get the highest downforce with the least drag possible. The tunnel used three computers to run the tests and collect the data. All data became the property of the Truesports. The owner of Truesports, Jim Trueman died in 1986 but the team carried on until it was sold to Bobby Rahal but the ownership of the wind tunnel model stayed in the estate of the Truman family until it was donated to Aero Lab. The wind tunnel was torn down and the model was not used for any other tests
This is one of my favorite images
This shows the size of the car as it is setting on my pool table. It is 40% of the size of the real car.
This is one of my favorite images
I cant play pool any more
The wind tunnel model doing its work.
On my recent trip to Indy I found out more info about the car by accident. I person I showed the picture to identified one of the people so here is the info i got. The car is a 1990 Lola Truesports model and is in the wind tunnel at Ohio State University east wind tunnel to test suspension. The people in the picture are Gary Grossenbacher and Ray Leto and Matt Lis. Ray Leto ( who is Danica Patricks engineer) gave me this info.
I have run out of space so i had to bed creative and install the model over one of the windows in my family room. It looks good and everything still works. Now I have more space to put more junk.