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My 1988 March Indy Car

Driven by Howdy Holmes in the Indy 500

This is my 1988 march indy car that I got in Aug 2000.

The car body is complete as a show car. It is in excellent condition.
My son Brian with the car in my driveway
The car was run at the 1988 Indy 500. It qualified 33rd and finished 12th. It Was driven by Howdy Holmes.
Howdy Holmes and me at Indy 2006
I met the driver of the car Howdy Holmes and the 2006 Indy 500. He is a very nice person and gave me a lot of info on the car.

I contacted Howdy Holmes and sent him a picture to sign and he sent me a set of his racing gloves to display with the car. Also I have a ticket from the 1988 indy 500 a crew shirt and a picture of the crew. The crew consisted of John Caples, Chris Paulsen (C&R radiators) and Alex Morales.

This is the car as it is today. All the decals form the sponser JIFFY MIX are on the car as it ran at the 1988 indy 500. Thanks to all those who helped on this project.
Chris Paulson the crew chief on the car at the 1988 Indy 500 stopped by on a recent visit to California to look at the car. I think he was inpressed with the car as he spent quite a long time looking over the car as he remembered many parts of the car he had fabricated. When he finished he signed the inside of the car. I had fun just watching him.