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Valver Cover Collection

This is my collection of Race engine Valve/ Cam covers
If you have a cover to Sell/Donate contact me at bmidd@yahoo.com

FORD Michael Schumacher Benetton 93

DRAKE Late 70's early 80's Indy Car Engine

Cosworth DFV

93 Cosworth XB

Cosworth XF-048

Oberdorfer-King (Chuck Buckman)

Brad Anderson 4 (courtest George Sitgo)

Honda Indy Turbo V8

Ford DOHC 3 types Plain,Ford, Foyt (courtsy Ermie Emerso)

Ford 427 Single Overhead Cam (circa 1970)

2002 Toyota CART

Mecerdes Indy

Infinity Indy

INDY BUICK (Circa 1992)courtesy Eddie Mier)

chevy indy

Cosworth DFS

Buick indy

Buick Indy

Chevy Indy (courtesy Rick Long)


Mopar prostock (never made)

Cosworth XG (courtesy cosworth)

JUDD Trickford 5 Valve

Herbert 4 cam Top Fuel (courtesy Chet Herbert)

426 Hemi. thanks to Ansen Covers

392 Chrysler Hemi

Chevrolet 265 A Indy engine

Arias Chevy Hemi

Chet Herbert Hemi

Cosworth DFR-DFV round port